Probably everybody knows the classic pill boxes with lots of compartments for every day of the week and several moments a day. Once a week you need to refill the compartments and plan your entire week. Therefore, the box is of a circumstantial size and does not fit the modern and outgoing lifestyle. That’s where Vitility comes in. We say out with the old and in with the new. We created the smart pill box, a small box which is not bigger than an average smartphone. It has 6 compartments, in which your medicines can easily be stored. The smart bit is actually in the app that goes along with the box. The app is called Pill Buddy and is available for Android and iOS. It ensures that pill intake and tracking of your inventory can no longer be forgotten. You simply enter the medicine in the app, the frequency and time of intake and even the number of pills. You can do this for up to 6 different types of pills. The app then takes over planning and lets you know when to take your next pill(s) and when to refill the boxes. The smart pill boxes are delivered including 3 stickers that you can place on the inside of the box as an extra reminder or if you don’t use the app.