Patients who are immobile are at the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers. Frequent repositioning redistributes pressure and helps prevent pressure damage. This unique Toto turning system is designed to keep your patients moving by automatically turning your patients at regular intervals day and night.

• Toto has been shown to effectively redistribute pressure away from ‘at risk’ areas but also increases patient and staff compliance.
• Toto removes the need for additional manual handling aids which can cause damage to other devices (such as mattress covers) and patient’s skin through friction and sheer. Toto can also help reduce the risk of personal injury common to caregivers who regularly handle patients
• The new Toto Platform is designed for compatibility with any bed frame in any profiled or ‘rise and recline’ position, allowing for universal installation of the product.
• Automated turning ensures that patients are kept moving in busy healthcare environments, removing issues such as; other priorities, missing ineffective reminders, being short of staff and monitoring patient positions.
• Weighing less than 6kg, delivered fully assembled in a transport bag and ready for use, the new platform can be transported and installed by only one person with no specialist skills or training required
• Toto inflates evenly, smoothly and consistently, fully supporting patients from head to toe avoiding the risk of twisting. Even while patients are sleeping, Toto continues to deliver frequent repositioning.